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Of the Earth Apothecary

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As we continue to work on the online ordering system please note that the Apothecary is fully stocked with tinctures, herb blends, salves, and nutritional medicine.

  In the meantime, orders can be placed by contacting me directly here.

Current Stock/Pricing

Yoni Steam Blends ($20): Menstrual Balance, Postpartum,       Peri+Menopause 

Pregnancy + Postpartum Tea ($15)

Castor Packs ($10)

Faja's ($40)

Osha Root Honey ($20)

Osha Root Candy ($10)

Full Spectrum Bud Balm ($40)

Ocotillo Tincture ($25)

Chaga Tincture ($20)

Rainforest Remedies Tincture($15);

     Female Tonic, Strong Back, Immune Boost,

     Nerve Tonic, Blood Tonic, Hortence's Formula.

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