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Rosita Arvigo and I at the Red Earth Herbal Gathering - Berthoud, CO


In the name of Ix Chel

Arvigo®Maya Abdominal Therapy

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® were developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo as a result of her long term apprenticeship with the late Maya H’Men (Doctor-Priest), Don Elijio Panti of Belize. The Arvigo Techniques® bring together bodywork, traditional remedies, herbal knowledge and spiritual healing to support the restoration of the body and being to a state of wholeness - where the chu’lel (a Maya word for life force energy) can flow freely.


This work restores biochemical balance by rectifying biomechanical integrity. In this way, it can be supportive to many reproductive, digestive and structural concerns - including infertility, menstrual conditions, fibroids, endometriosis, GERD, IBS, Crohn’s disease, adhesions, scarring, constipation, chronic fatigue, migraines and chronic pain. It can be a potent ally on fertility journeys, working in conjunction with assisted reproductive technologies. Spiritual healing in this tradition can support embodiment, integration and the release of all manner of trauma.


This work supports anyone with a pelvis seeking homeostasis, as it supports the 5 channels of flow; nerves, arteries, veins, energy and lymph.


Introductory Sessions: $335


These two 90 minute sessions (prepaid at time of first visit) include an in-depth history intake, a therapeutic castor treatment that is yours to take home, the Arvigo hands on bodywork treatment, a self care practice you will learn and handouts for you to take home.

Follow up Sessions:


$60/30min Yoni Steam

Cancellation Policy - By scheduling a session you

agree to give 24 hours notice to cancel a session or

to assume responsibility for payment of the full 

session fee.

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“ I feel so connected to my womb and the beauty and power.  My past 2 cycles since working together have been dreamy; dare I say my period feels luxurious?!  Thank you for sharing your gift and nurturing care in our sessions.”  


"I am SO grateful I found Anna! Not only has her incredible bodywork helped my diastasis, but she's taught me so much, and held the space for me to heal in so many other ways. Anna is intuitive and generous with her energy, I always leave our sessions feeling deeply supported." 

-Carolina Vennie

“ After our initial sessions, my ongoing incontinence challenge has no longer been an issue.  That’s a huge quality of life game changer for me.  I cannot thank you enough.  I continue to do my self care practices you taught me and it’s all working.”


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