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Prenatal Support Package
(Everything but the Birth)

I have found that supporting the natural process of pregnancy with complete trust and reverence is paramount in achieving a successful birth outcome.  My approach begins with evidence based educational support focusing on nutrition and lifestyle choices. Together, we will work through a wide range of topics and questions that might come up including understanding the physiology of birth, birth plans/questions for care providers, informed consent, healthy boundaries, communication, pain/fear management, body centered practices, living birth stories, trauma release work,  postpartum prep, ceremony and much more.


*Specialized Structural Integration and Arvigo® bodywork sessions are also available during pregnancy (not included in package).


This package is for those who are wanting support through their pregnancy but not the actual birth.  With this package, you will receive abundant resources, virtual meetings and unlimited text/email support.  




Postpartum Support Package

Once you and your baby have crossed the threshold in this rite of passage, healing support for the Mother can begin. I provide support for the Mother and family in a multitude of ways. Transitioning into parenthood can be challenging. Attention to nourishment and rest are monitored while the new family finds balance. Support may include troubleshooting breastfeeding issues, organization/meal planning, as well as emotional support. Traditional practices such as herbal baths, Yoni Steams, Mother Warming (moxibustion), abdominal massage and Bone Closings are used to facilitate the Mother's healing. As time progresses, processing the birth story can help heal emotional trauma and unresolved issues often related to birth experiences. 


Single session in office: $195/2hrs

Single in home session: $225/2hrs

3 session in home package: $650

6 session in home package: $1300



*After 6 weeks postpartum, we can begin the Structural Integration 10 series to bring balance and support into your body in a holistic and integrated way.  Learn more about SI work HERE.





Photo by Shane Dante


Supporting Loss

Whether your pregnancy was planned and wanted or not, loss takes its toll on all levels.  This is a unique rite of passage that demands the utmost respect and care.  Your body is going through postpartum and this piece, more often than not, gets ignored.  I’m here to support you, witness and honor your process and help you navigate the unbearable.



One in office visit

Phone support/resources during pregnancy and loss

One in home postpartum session 



Transitioning after a loss is challenging.  Postpartum support sessions may include how to tend to milk supply, nutrition that is healing and nourishing, navigating logistics, emotional support. Traditional practices such as herbal baths, Yoni Steams, Mother Warming (moxibustion), abdominal massage and Bone Closings are used to facilitate your postpartum healing. As time progresses, processing your birth story can help in your healing process.  Ongoing resources are available to help you find supportive ways to integrate into presence. 


Single session in office: $195

Single in home session: $225

3 session in home package: $650

6 session in home package: $1300

*You will not be turned away due to lack of

funds. Please communicate with me if you

are in need of a sliding scale.

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Anna was our birth doula for our second child.  We had recently moved from overseas when we met Anna, and immediately, amidst the swirling frenzy of relocating a family, Anna provided much needed stability and reassurance.  Her insight into pre and post birthing practices, as well as her warmth, were a blessing during so many transitions for our family.  Having suffered from postpartum depression she was able to hold space for me, offering gentle, nonjudgmental support.  She helped me through a difficult period where shame and sadness could have grown, but instead, she helped me nurture acceptance.  She's also just a cool person with a good sense of humor.



We are so grateful for all that Anna did to help us bring our precious daughter into this world.  As first time parents and new to Houston, we were very overwhelmed with the birthing process.  Anna guided and educated us and made us feel prepared for the big day.  While we did not foresee an induction, we both came away from the birth feeling that it was a positive and empowering experience largely because of her presence and all she did to help us.  While my husband had his doubts, he is now firmly in the pro-doula camp!




“I want to start this off with a small disclaimer; I am an engineer who thought doulas were something from the Woodstock era and didn’t think I needed one….  Boy was I wrong!”


  “She empowered and educated me and gave me back the confidence that my Dr had taken from me.” 

 “She came in with resources (again engineer nerd here loves to learn), contacts, suggestions, and an ear to listen and answer my questions.  She never pressured me into going a certain route, she just walked me through options and supported me.  She helped me determine my own birth plan and idea of what I wanted my delivery to look like.  Not only did she help educate me she also helped educate my husband and gave him tips and tricks.”


“Education aside, the biggest benefit with partnering with Anna was how she helped me work through my fears.  She is such an amazing listener and helped me get through deeply rooted scary thoughts in my brain about giving birth.  She helped me understand my own birth story and how that affected my perception of what I thought my delivery would be like.  I went into the end of my pregnancy feeling prepared for anything.”  


 “She is a true supporter of mothers and the birth process.  She understands its a journey and she is an amazing guiding light.  I truly can’t say enough about her and who she is as a person.  One of the most genuinely caring people I’ve met who truly just wants to help you feel more confident about the journey through education and insight.  I will tell you not all doulas are created equal and she is one of the best!!!”




Anna was an amazing doula from start to finish. Starting with our initial meeting with Anna, [my partner] and I could tell that her calming presence and wonderfully positive energy were exactly what we were looking for. She helped us better understand the questions we should be asking ourselves before [our daughter] was born and the pros and cons of different decisions. During labor Anna was a rock and showed up to provide exactly what had been advertised: serenity, comfort, support and guidance during the tough moments. She continued to check in with us after [our daughter] was born and has even helped us get adjusted to being new parents. We truly can’t put into words how important and necessary she was during the entire process (pre-natal, labor & postpartum). We are truly blessed to have Anna in our lives and can’t imagine having another child without her help.


"I cannot begin to describe the wonder that Anna is as a compatriot and a beacon of light for someone embarking on motherhood and within the wondrous world of pregnancy. She is at her core the embodiment of what a person would dream of when envisioning a source of warmth, support and information. A humble but confident champion of pregnancy and approaching motherhood.  Anna was the most important healer, helper and advice giver that I had in my arsenal, throughout the entirety of my pregnancy, and even after I had our child.  Despite the fact that we had a dynamic where she was in Texas, while I was in Hawaii, and we did not meet once during my pregnancy, we did not need to. She was more present and accessible than any doctor or midwife I worked with at home.  Her breadth of knowledge and confidence in the human body is wildly impressive and moving.  When I sought out an answer to a question she did not yet know (a rare occurrence), the amount of research she did on her end and then relayed to me in the timeliest manner was mind boggling. It was like punching a very specific query into google and finding the one, simple, perfectly filtered answer at every turn instead of trying to sift through a mass of conflicting information alone in a sea of bullshit. Not only did her advice support me emotionally and psychologically during the most trying and confusing of times but it also all worked, physically and medicinally.  I truly believe that it is thanks in great part to her, that we had such a wonderful experience before, during and after the birth of our little girl. Anna is in one word: magical."  

-Juliette Laure



"I'm grateful for Anna's incredible birth support.  She made what could have been a completely overwhelming experience manageable and really made me feel loved"

-Dr. Margaret Raber, Houston, TX

Before, during, and after…

My experience with Anna as my doula was absolutely amazing! It is clear that Anna is very experienced in all the services she provides. Her spirited and understanding approach made my pregnancy and birth feel well-rounded and supported! I appreciated her responsiveness and ability to anticipate my needs as a busy new mom to be. As any mom may know, the process of bringing baby into the world can be one that’s long, hard and filled with many overwhelming decisions, but having Anna as my birthing doula, I felt supported, and knowledgeable with how to navigate through this journey to motherhood.

 Before birth with yoga visits, books, talks!

During with birth coaching, massages, room prepping, emotional, physical, and mental support!

And all the aftercare!

 It is evident that Anna is very aware and dedicated to her practice.

 I would highly recommend Anna to and woman journeying to motherhood and looking for great person of value to add to their village! 

-Shanisha Y. Smith, Houston, TX

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