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Tropical Leaves

I was both active and accident prone growing up.  I suffered a major spinal injury in my early teens, which required me to slow down my trajectory and heal.   

Although grateful to Western medicine for saving my life, I was left with chronic pain that my life would come to revolve around managing.  I took it upon myself to find “alternative” means of pain management, including Yoga and every bodywork modality I came across.  On a bumpy yogic path for over two decades and with three teacher trainings under my belt, it took some time for me to realize that although there was something helpful within the different practices, no one dogmatic yoga style or yoga teacher was going to be as effective in my quest for accessing function, mobility, balance and strength as would be my own continuous inquiry and exploration.  

My continued yoga and meditation explorations coupled with my felt experience, training and work in Rolfing/Structural Integration, is where things began to really align and the chronic symptoms of pain began to transform. 

I have made it my life's work to aide others in their journey back home to themselves; to live a life with more vitality, ease and support.


I have offered full spectrum doula service to countless families in Houston, Colorado, New York, New Jersey and Indonesia since 2014.

I received my Doula training through DONA, Indie Birth, INNATE TRADITIONS, as well as being a certified PAIL Advocate (pregnancy and infancy loss).  I make it my personal goal to offer evidence based information, education and support parents need to make their own informed choices in pregnancy, birth, loss and parenting.

I have an educational background in Fine Arts, and am a trained body worker in the Rolf method of Structural Integration, Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy as well as a Yoga teacher.  I have experience and certifications in many natural healing modalities and continue to take advantage of further training and education through many incredible teachers and organizations to continue offering the most up-to-date information available for birth options. 


Supporting women on their quest to return home, back to themselves, back to nature

Supporting your grief walk, your homecoming, your reclamation 

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