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Yoga + Movement

A regular, intentional movement practice can help us release old patterns as well as bring new awareness and freedom to our everyday life. It can also help bodywork clients integrate the organization that the SI+Arvigo® sessions provide.

I've been a student of Iyengar, Pralaya and YogaBetter schools and continue to study biomechanics through workshops and trainings.  I marry my varied movement backgrounds and SI expertise to offer a practice that will enable you to stay effortlessly balanced in gravity.

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Would you like to work privately with me on your specific needs and goals?

Contact me HERE to schedule a private movement


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I’ve been seeing Anna for almost two years now. She is clearly a Yoga scholar. Fantastic teacher. Her passion for the practice elevates me as a student. Always offers variety in my practice. Always adapts to any aches or pains I may have. She’s very relatable. When I leave, I always feel grounded and revitalized.

 -Phil Cohen, Age 60, Avid Golfer



“I wanted to thank you for helping me to connect to myself through these classes with a sense of gentleness.  It was good to hear the same phrases repeated of listening to what my body was saying to me, and the kindnesses you taught me, which I had not realized were lacking in my life.”


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